The Story

Julien Courtois created his own vineyard, Le Clos de la Bruyère, in 1998, having learned the trade from his father, Claude. The 4.5 hectare domain in Soings en Sologne is run by Julien and his girlfriend, Heidi Kuka. Here they work with seven varieties of grapes, including an ungrafted Menu Pineau, planted in 1978, which is used to make the Originel wine.  

Both Julien and his father have always kept to the principles of making wines from low-yield vineyards, allowing them to reach the optimum concentration, and working on the basis of natural cycles. This means that the harvest takes places at the point of the grapes’ peak maturity, and all by hand. Chemical treatment for the vines is also avoided, with plant-based mixtures used instead.  

“Whether in the vineyards or in the cellar, wines are made without any chemical products, which gives them a unique and singular taste.”

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The People


Son of the legendary Claude Courtois, Julien has forged his own path and from a few hectares in Soings en Sologne, he produces some of our favourite wines in all of the Loire.

“We make wines that are different, natural and rich from the values provided by a sane wine-making process,” Julien explains.

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The Place

France, Loire

Julien has worked tirelessly to reinvigorate long damaged soils so they might be brought back into harmony with nature. Everything is done manually with little sulfur added at bottling, if any; Julien is a non-interventionist winemaker, never relying on herbicides or pesticides, only organic processes from start to finish.

The vine rows are left to carefully landscaped vegetation - herbs and flowers - providing for a variety of fauna that are able to roam freely through the vineyards.

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