Overlooking the west banks of the Saone River, Morgon is one of the ten crus of Beaujolais. Unlike much of Beaujolais, Morgon is known for its full-bodied, often tannic wines that age exceptionally well – so well, in fact, that a verb has been created in reference to its ageing qualities, il morgonne. As is the case across the region as a whole, Gamay is the grape of choice for Morgon, suited as it is to soils of schist and granite (of which there are plenty in this area).                      

Of the several hillside vineyards in Morgon, on the south/southwest facing slopes, the most celebrated is Cote du Py, where Anthony Thévenet produces stunning natural wines. These hills provide a barrier to the cold winds blowing from the northwest, while also providing a warm foehn wind that helps keep vines dry after rain, and in doing so prevent fungal infection. Despite the hills, the sun shines heavily on Morgon during growing season, nurturing grapes that are high in sugar and phenol, but tempered slightly under the influence of the Mediterranean Sea.

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