Weinland "Theodora"

Gut Oggau




Grape Varieties

60% Grüner Veltliner, 40% Welschriesling


Terroir: Sand and clay

Average age of vines: 35 years old

Vinification: Grapes are hand harvested. The wine stays for a couple of hours on the skin before being pressed. Wine is fermented and aged in wooden barrels.

Family Tree description: 

"Wiltrude's daughter. A pert but likeable young lady, who takes everyone's heart by storm with her cheerful and animate manner. She is attractive like her mother and at the same time both impudent and elegant. The prankster at the vineyard Oggau, she is nonetheless most reliable and steady. She has a particularly close relationship with her beloved grandmother Mechtild and her favourite uncle Emmeram."


Vintages & Larger Formats

Weinland "Theodora" Login Bottle (75cl) 2019
Weinland "Theodora" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2019
Weinland "Theodora" Login Jeroboam (3L) 2019
Weinland "Theodora" Login Imperial (6L) 2019
Weinland "Theodora" Login Balthazar (12L) 2019
Weinland "Theodora" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2018
Weinland "Theodora" Login Jeroboam (3L) 2018
Weinland "Theodora" Login Imperial (6L) 2018
Weinland "Theodora" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2017
Weinland "Theodora" Login Jeroboam (3L) 2017
Weinland "Theodora" Login Imperial (6L) 2017
Weinland "Theodora" Login Balthazar (12L) 2017

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