Domaine Gourt de Mautens

France - Rasteau

The name Gourt de Mautens comes from gourt (a place from which water flows) and mautens (poor weather). The name dates back to 1635, and gives some indication of the terroir: a place where rain water gushes from the soil when it rains, carrying with it chalk, clay and marl. It is this chalky soil that gives the wines produced here its flavour, and the marls help regulate the water and give the wines a good depth.



The domain is run by Jérôme Bressy, the sixth generation of the family to do so. It was Jérôme who initially suggested to his father that they should start making their own wine, rather than selling the harvest to the local co-operative – he was just 16 at the time. By 1989, as a 23 year old, he had convinced his father to go organic. After that, things moved fast – the domain went biodynamic in 1993 and in 1996 they produced their first wine and built a winery. A cellar followed in 1998.

Today, the domain holds 13 hectares of wine, alongside 1.5 hectares of fruit and olive trees. They are planted at the feet of the foothills, terraces and plateaux, exposed to the north-west and south-west. Bressy uses the practise of “complantation” – a traditional method of growing various varieties of grape together on the same plot of land to create harmony and synergy. This phenomenon is assisted by biodynamics. Each plant is closely monitored throughout its life, and vines are generally worked by hand, with only a very limited amount of machinery used when necessary. New vines are made through cuttings from only the oldest and highest quality plants.

Harvesting the grapes happens, as with all stages of growth and vinification, in accordance with the biodynamic calendar. Only the very finest grapes are selected at this stage, first while they are on the vine, then resorted at the end of every vine row by an experienced picker and then once again on the sorting tables in the wine cellar. Using these exceptional grapes, with each year come single vintages of red, white and rosé wines.

The domain was certified organic by Ecocert in 1989 and biodynamic by Demeter in 2008. Jérôme Bressy wishes to continue to develop these natural methods in future, hoping to find a perfectly “precise, natural and artisanal viticulture”.

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