Known outside Jura generally as Poulsard, this black grape is a lightly coloured variety grown almost exclusively in eastern France, mainly in Jura itself. While it is a red grape, it is also used in white and rosé wines due to its lightness. Even sustained skin maceration refuses to bring about a deeper colour. It is commonly blended with other wines from Trousseau Gris, Trousseau Noir and Pinot Noir. The name Ploussard is allowed onto local wine labels.

Ploussard is authorised for growth in Arbois AOC, Côtes du Jura AOC, Crémant du Jura, L’Etoile AOC and Macvin du Jura AOC. It can be grown on a wide range of soils, but generally does so on the shale marl and limestone that is typical of Jura. Ploussard grows mainly in low yields and is very susceptible to downy mildew and grey rot. Its early budding also means that extra careful attention has to be paid during its growth. It most often has fruit flavours, such as wet leaves and cabbage in cooler climates and fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry elsewhere.

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