Pinot Auxerrois

This white grape is the second most planted vine in Alsace, after Riesling. Alsace is the Pinot Auxerrois capital of France, where 2,330 hectares are grown across the country as of 2008. In fact, the name Auxerrois possibly comes from Auxois, the old name for Alsace. The grapes are early to ripen and have a low acidity, making them well suited to cooler climates. Pinot Auxerrois is also known to grow in the Netherlands, Switzerland and England.

The first recorded mention of Pinot Auxerrois is supposedly in “La Borgoise d’Orleans”, a fable from the 13th century: “And they drank large amounts of white wine and auchorrois.” Other than that, DNA testing has provided us with the natural history of the grape: it is the offspring of Pinot and Gouais Blanc.

Pinot Auxerrois can be used to make rich wines with a honey character, especially when grown in low yields.

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