This indigenous white grape is a speciality of Abruzzo and Marche on the east coast of Italy, and once grew wild on the Sibillini Mountains. It was all but forgotten until the 1980s, when vintner Guido Cocci Grifoni rediscovered it during an attempt to find a new variety that would make the region stand out. He found records describing an old mountain grape by the name of Pecorella or Pecorino, and eventually found it in an abandoned vineyard 1,000 metres above sea level. He took cuttings and, through trial and error, found the right soils in which to plant it. By the time of the first vintage, Grifoni knew he had a winner. Cuttings were soon selling like hotcakes.

Pecorino produces full-bodied wines with high acidity, alcohol and minerality, which gains complexity over time and can be aged for around ten years. It has notes of tropical fruit and goes well with or without food.

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