Folle Blanche

Found exclusively in western France, Folle Blanche is a rare white grape that was once ubiquitous across the region. It is perhaps best known for its distillation into brandy, especially in the Cognac and Armagnac regions. Folle Blanche is also used in Pays Nantais, in the west of the Loire Valley, where it is known as Gros Plant and used for dry white wines. The reason Folle Blanche is less popular than it once was is that it is highly susceptible to disease. Following the 19th century outbreak of phylloxera, it was shunned in favour of its hybrid, Baco Blanc, which was created with Noah, another hybrid of north American origin that was able to resist disease. It is known that the grape is the offspring of Gouais Blanc but its other parent is still unknown. It is also known as Mune Mahatsa in the Basque country.

Folle Blanche produces light, highly acidic wines, with notes of green apple and lime. It has the potential to create high yields and grows vigorously, but is also at risk from frosts due to its early budding.  

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