If Chardonnay is king in Burgundy, Aligoté is the challenger to the throne. Aligoté usually produces dry white wines with floral and mineral notes. It is often quite acidic if not left to ripen sufficiently, but as this grape is an early ripener, and able to withstand frosts and poor soils, it is generally left to develop. It grows in the chalk soils of Burgundy and in the sandy soils of the Rhône Valley.                        

Genetically, Aligoté is part of the Pinot family. It was first recorded in Burgundy around 200 years ago and has more recently seen a boom of growth in Eastern Europe.

One of the most interesting elements of the grape is that it is truly sensitive to its terroir, meaning that you can expect a different experience with every vintage and appellation. It is also used alongside blackcurrant liquor in the traditional cocktail Kir

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